Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Year: 2019

Status: Completed

In April, we had the opportunity to design the Kipstay Coffee Cove. The 150 year old building was formerly used for storage and now has been revamped into a boutique and a cozy home stay. 
Located in the midst of Chikmagalur’s coffee plantations, the home stay was designed to capture the rustic essence of the nature. The vibrant fabric colours not only enhance the natural materials used but also represent the local and dynamic culture of Chikmagalur. 
The concept of minimalism has been highlighted in the furniture, where logs of fallen wood in the estate have been redesigned to make perfectly comfortable seating. The existing furniture have been refurbished with paint and new fabric. These tiny interventions, along with lighting, makes this property inviting and homely.

Exterior View
Lobby/Game Area
Lobby/ Game Area
Bedroom 1
Dining/ Living
Bedroom 2
Light Detail